Rolls-Royce Bespoke Collection, a limited edition of 4 cars commemorating the ‘Year of the Dragon’

This Bespoke collection commemorating the Lunar New Year is inspired by the dragon, which symbolizes power, success, and prosperity, and is limited to a total of 4 units based on 3 Phantom Extended and 1 Cullinan.

The traditional form of the dragon is faithfully reproduced throughout the interior and exterior of this Bespoke collection, while a modern and concise expression of the dragon is applied.

The three collections included a fascia panel that reinterpreted the shape of a dragon into a highly modern work of art, using the color red, which symbolizes prosperity and good luck.

The three works were created through delicate handwork by a dedicated Rolls-Royce artist, and the work process alone took more than two weeks each. To create a complex three-dimensional motif, various shades of red were used in four stages, and a total of four layers were combined to create a realistic 3D effect.

Phantom Extended is available in a two-tone combination of silver and cherry red or a solid black color with a crystal finish. The bespoke coachline included in this collection was hand-painted phoenix red to exquisitely embody the dragon motif.

All four cars in the collection feature bespoke coachlines hand-painted in Phoenix Red and exquisitely incorporate a dragon motif.
Each dragon faces to the right, symbolizing east, the direction from which the sun rises.

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