I am ‘Ioniq 5 N’🚗

Hyundai Motor Company's 'Ioniq 5 N' is a completely new 'different' high-performance electric vehicle. It is like a racing car with an engine that clicks the paddle shifters and maintains high RPM. Acceleration is precisely pushed and pulled while maintaining the gear required for acceleration.

The temperature markings for the drivetrain, parts, and oil, which are essential information for a real sports car, have only been changed to numbers for the motor and battery, and are elements that indicate that it is a high-performance sports car.

In particular, the shifting sensation of an internal combustion engine vehicle named 'N e-Shift', a virtual shifting system, and the 'N Active Sound Plus' virtual sound system, created a new car that had never been seen before. N Active Sound Plus lets you listen to realistic virtual sounds through a total of 10 speakers based on driving information such as RPM, speed, and torque.

In addition to excellent cornering, the IONIQ 5 N also features 'N Battery Preconditioning' technology that preheats and cools the battery to an appropriate temperature before driving. In addition, 'N Race' technology is applied to maintain battery temperature at an optimal level even under harsh driving conditions.


Specialized specifications are also installed to enhance driving performance on curved roads. 'N Pedal' mode utilizes regenerative braking in track driving situations to help with sharp cornering.

In addition, when the driver takes his or her foot off the accelerator pedal, the front-to-rear wheel drive distribution ratio is appropriately adjusted, and the amount of regenerative braking and motor response are increased to help the driver enter a corner nimbly by quickly decelerating and quickly transferring weight.

As the IONIQ 5 N runs well, its braking performance is also excellent. The front wheels are equipped with large-diameter discs with a diameter of 400 mm and 4-piston monoblock calipers, ensuring the highest level of braking performance suitable for a high-performance electric vehicle.


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