🌟Let’s find out Torres’ attractive points.🌟

1. Black or silver colored garnish is applied to Torres’ C-pillar. The garnish color varies depending on whether one-tone or two-tone is applied. For the right side garnish, you can add an active charm by selecting a customization option, a side storage box.

2. You can carry small tools, rescue equipment, wet items, etc. inside, and it can also be used as a way to place a Bluetooth speaker or lamp during camping or outdoor activities.

3. Volume of Torres’ front hood
Thick character lines are positioned vertically. This line starts from the hood and extends all the way to the skid plate at the bottom of the front, adding sturdiness. Another design point is applied to the hood. This is the hood side garnish applied to both ends of the hood. It mainly serves as a handle or hook for off-road driving.

4. In keeping with the retro sensibility, a hexagon-type rear garnish reminiscent of a spare tire was applied. By adding volume and lettering 'TORRES', we completed Torres' unique attractive back design.

5. Design and LED, flag type outside mirror
Compared to the existing A-pillar and window belt line, it has the advantage of minimizing blind spots. It also adds a solid image in terms of design. In particular, Torres' exterior mirrors emphasize straight lines rather than curves, matching Torres' solid exterior.

If you are looking for the latest SUV that preserves the original style of an SUV, the Torres is a great choice with both design and performance.

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