🎶 New carnival high limousine with completely changed face🎵❤️

Carnival, with its unrivaled competitiveness, has introduced a new partially modified model for the first time in three years, 'The New Carnival High Limousine', which adds luxurious elegance to refined grandeur.

The main features of high limousine ​​are a design that further solidifies the presence of a premium limousine, differentiated interior space, and high-end specifications.

Kia installed side steps on the side of the high limousine to provide convenience in getting in and out, and applied a dedicated auxiliary brake light to the rear of the high roof to increase visibility and complete the presence of the high limousine.

high Limousine's interior is designed with the concept of 'premium relaxation in a dedicated space' so that anyone can have the best experience the moment they board.

Thanks to the application of the high roof, the total height is up to 305mm higher than that of the New Carnival model, providing ample and comfortable interior space, and 'Starry Sky Mood Lighting', which resembles shining stars in the night sky, was applied to the interior ceiling to create an emotional atmosphere.

In addition, it provides a '21.5-inch smart monitor' that takes the viewing angle of rear seat passengers into consideration, and an online video service so you can enjoy a variety of content. For convenient viewing, an 'ESIM' router that enables in-vehicle Wi-Fi is provided as standard.


In addition, the 'pleated curtains' applied to the sides and back of the rear seats allow for the creation of a personal space, helping you to relax more comfortably.

The High Limousine 4-seater model, optimized for business trips, is equipped with a new seat with a 'Dynamic Body Care' function in the rear seat to ensure comfortable rest even during long-term riding, and the seat is further differentiated by applying quilting stitching to Nappa leather. We provide a design premium.


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