🚗2024 Mohave🚗

Options that were popular for purchase last year were installed as basic options through a change in model year, and the price was raised before being released.
Rather than a design change, it would be better to think of this Mohave as an extended model that improved marketability.

Mohave will be released with a total of three choices, including the most basic trim, Platinum/Masters trim, and the Masters advanced version of Gravity.
Through this model year change, we have further strengthened the marketability by increasing the range of consumers so that Platinum can also choose the gravity specification.

When selecting the Gravity package, exclusive designs such as a black radiator grill will be applied, and the exterior color can also be selected between Aurora Black Pearl / Cityscape Green.

The basic interior specifications of the two trims have changed slightly, and the 7-inch color LDC cluster that came as standard has been deleted in the Platinum trim, and a 12.3-inch digital instrument panel has been applied, and the Masters trim has a head-up display that was previously installed as an additional option as standard. The basic price has been increased.

Considering that it is an authentic SUV that has a lot of power when driving and is manufactured with engine performance and frame, it seems that there is currently no car that can replace the Mohave for leisure and camping purposes.


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