Mirrors are just for help, use side mirrors


1. Digital side mirror
- The digital side mirror mounted on Kia's EV9 consists of a camera and an OLED monitor / Minimizes blind spots by securing a wide rear view / Provides a clear view even at night or in rainy weather using a full HD resolution camera / Improves air resistance / Lane Display change auxiliary line / enlarge reverse parking screen

2. Automatic lowering of side mirrors when reversing
- This is a very convenient feature when parking in reverse, and when you place the shift lever in reverse, the side mirror automatically tilts down.

3. Electric side mirror with door lock
The side mirrors are automatically folded or unfolded not only by the folding switch on the door panel but also by the lock/unlock function of the smart key.


4. Welcome Mirror
- If the welcome mirror specification is applied beyond the electric side mirror linked to the door lock, the side mirror automatically unfolds just by approaching the vehicle with the smart key.

5. Rear collision warning
- There is a red triangle at the end of the side mirror. It is a driving safety function that helps prevent collisions with vehicles on the rear or side when changing lanes or exiting a parallel vehicle. If a risk of collision with a vehicle on the side is detected, a red light turns on in the mirror to warn the driver.


6. Heated side mirror
- If the side mirrors are wet due to rain or bad weather, use the heating function.

7. Posterior monitor
- Although it is not a side mirror, it is a safety device that uses a camera attached to the side mirror.
When you activate the turn signal to change lanes, the rear view video is displayed in real time using a wide-angle camera. This provides a rear and side viewing angle that is more than twice as wide as that of a side mirror.


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