New Interior Dashboard Speaker Aluminum Molding Anti-Scratch for Hyundai Ioniq5

Type: Carbon
Sale price$62.50


New Interior Dashboard Speaker Aluminum Molding Anti-Scratch for Hyundai Ioniq5 

It is firmly installed in an empty area that may seem a little lacking,
and it is possible to create a differentiated high-quality dress-up by creating a delicate and luxurious interior.

It is difficult to accurately change the shape according to the model year and options of all vehicles,

so when purchasing a product, be sure to check that the product image matches the door shape of your vehicle before purchasing.
Free exchanges and returns caused by unconfirmed images are not allowed.

Exchanges and returns are not possible once the back film is removed!


- This product is compatible with 
  Hyundai Ioniq 5
- Attaching Tip!
- It is difficult to attach the product when there are foreign substances on the area to be attached, so please wipe it clean before attaching it.
- Due to the nature of the double-sided tape, if the temperature of the adhesive side is low, the adhesive strength will decrease.
- Use adhesive tape after aligning it with the area to be installed.
- Exchanges or returns are not possible for problems that occur if you arbitrarily attach after not checking the precautions when attaching.
- Composition : 1p

Customer Reviews

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Unique addition

I'm really enjoying all of these metal accents in my Ioniq 5. The only negative thing about this piece is that it needs one more hole.

North American I5s have a high voltage indicator that tells you when the 12-volt battery is taking a charge from the high voltage battery. This plate completely covers the indicator light. I'm not antsy about energy discharge, but I'd say most I5 owners monitor energy flow A LOT (based on our growing social media community). Heads up if you need to see the light.

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