Interior Decal Glove Box Cover Felt Carbon Anti-Scratch Black for Hyundai Ioniq5

Type: Carbon
Sale price$38.50



It is difficult to accurately change the shape according to the model year and options of all vehicles,

so when purchasing a product, be sure to check that the product image matches the door shape of your vehicle before purchasing.
Free exchanges and returns caused by unconfirmed images are not allowed.

Exchanges and returns are not possible once the back film is removed!

- This product is compatible with 
  Hyundai Ioniq 5

1. Scratch Resistant

-> This is a premium glove box product that safely protects against contamination and scratches that may occur during contact.

2. Interior Dress-up Effect

-> Using high-quality fabrics and 4D three-dimensional design and design, you can feel a natural sense of unity and change the interior atmosphere more stylishly.

3. Detailed Laser Cutting

-> Unlike products that are cut and cut with an iron type, the finished product is excellent and you can feel a natural sense of unity through customized design and laser cutting for the vehicle.

4. Easy to install

-> Anyone can easily and simply attach it according to the shape of the attachment location by processing the double-sided tape on the entire surface. In addition,

   special bonding treatment is applied, so even if you attach it incorrectly and remove it, there is no adhesive left.


**After installation is complete, it is recommended to heat the surface of the product to an appropriate temperature with a hair dryer, etc. to maintain stronger adhesion.

- Material : Carbon / Felt / Chamude (Choose the type of cover)

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