Interior Decal B Pillar Cover Carbon Hologram Anti-Scratch for Hyundai Ioniq5

Type: Black Carbon
Sale price$32.99


It is a product that prevents scratches just by attaching to the B-pillar exterior material,
which is prone to scratches, and gives a more luxurious and special change to the exterior of the vehicle.

It is difficult to accurately change the shape according to the model year and options of all vehicles,

so when purchasing a product, be sure to check that the product image matches the door shape of your vehicle before purchasing.
Free exchanges and returns caused by unconfirmed images are not allowed.

Exchanges and returns are not possible once the back film is removed!

This product is manufactured with a blank space due to bending when attaching it.

Exchanges/returns are not possible for problems caused by carelessness during installation.

- This product is compatible with 
  Hyundai Ioniq 5
- Attaching Tip!
- Make a mixture of water and car shampoo in a ratio of 500:1.
- It may not stick well if the surface is uneven or if there is foreign material or dust on it. Be sure to clean the mounting surface thoroughly before attaching.
- Composition : LH+RH B pillar 1Set (6pcs)

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