Interior Carbon Trim Sticker Window Switch for Hyundai Elantra 2020 (4 Pcs Set)

Material: 3D
Heat Button: With Heat Button
Sale price$39.98


**You should check that your car has the Heat Wire button or not at first.
And then choose the material option between 3D and 5D.
We can't refund or resend the item if you choose the option wrongly!**

Material Guide

- 3D : The gloss is subtle and 3D is easy to attach and care.
- 5D : Excellent gloss and smooth surface, suitable for high-gloss materials.

How to Stick

1) Wipe the adhesive surface clean.
*If foreign matter remains, the finished part will rise later.

2) Make sure the sticker is suitable for your vehicle.

3) When the day is hot, spray more, usually less.
* Fill the sprayer with water + 1 drop of detergent and shake to use

4) Position the sticker.

5) Remove moisture and air bubbles with a dry towel or spatula to adhere.

6) Do not apply external force for 2-3 days after installation.

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