Interior Carbon Trim Sticker Handle Point with Navi Decal for Kia Seltos 2019+

Material: 3D
Sale price$35.80


**Navigation Carbon Sticker is included.

** You should choose the material option between 3D and 5D.
We can't refund or resend the item if you choose the option wrongly!**

Material Guide

- 3D : The gloss is subtle and 3D is easy to attach and care.
- 5D : Excellent gloss and smooth surface, suitable for high-gloss materials.

Attachment method

Be sure to prepare a sprayer and add 2-3 drops of dishwashing detergent before use.
2 drops of dishwashing liquid in half of the water (glass cleaner and car wash are not allowed)

1. Wipe the adhesive surface clean. For perfect adhesion, wipe off the oil film, grease, dirt, etc.

2. Separate the carbon sticker and backing paper.

3. Spray the prepared water on the back side of the carbon sticker (adhesive side).

4. Put the carbon sticker on the adhesive part and fix the position.

5. Push the water and air bubbles from the inside out with a plastic card that can't be used with Herana.

6. Remove any excess water. Tap the area where the logo or pattern is engraved to drain the moisture.

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