Equipped with Volkswagen ChatGPT

Volkswagen recently announced that it would add the Chat GPT function to the infotainment systems of its ID Family, new Tiguan, Golf, and Passat models, revealing its strategy to maximize driver convenience using AI technology.
This feature is integrated with the Volkswagen IDA voice assistant and is expected to dramatically improve in-vehicle voice control functions.

1. Integration with ChatGPT
- Even while driving, you can search for famous places, check soccer game results, operate the infotainment system, and adjust indoor temperature with just voice commands.

2. Strengthening security and personal information protection
- All questions are processed anonymously, and are designed to not access vehicle data.

3. Expand global strategy and language support
- Conveniently available in English, Spanish, German, Czech, etc.

4. Introduction of future-oriented technology
- This function is part of a strategy to take a leading position using AI technology in the future automobile market.

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